Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia, PA 19029

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Nearby Movie Theaters

In order by miles from the airport (green pin), map below
1.Wing Bowl 20
4.08 mi
2.Historic Lansdowne Theatre
4.61 mi
3.Cinema 16:9
4.62 mi
4.Rave Motion Pictures
5.69 mi
5.Bridge Cinemas
5.7 mi
6.University City Penn 6
5.72 mi
7.Rave Motion Pictures
5.72 mi
8.Bridge Cinemas
5.72 mi
9.Studio Movie Grill
5.81 mi
10.UA Movies at 69th Street 9
5.85 mi
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Map of Movie Theaters near PHL

Philadelphia International AirportDistances are from the green pin (designating the airport) and may be obscured by place(s) located at the airport.